Erin and Val

The third session I did while in New York at Maplewood Wambloods’ Oldenburg Inspections was for Erin and her mom, Val. This past Mother’s Day, Erin was searching for a photo of her with her mom to print and frame as a gift, and was sad when she realized she really didn’t have any good recent photos of the two of them. Since she was having me photograph the inspections and her two dogs, she asked if I could also do a small session with her mom. It was a jam-packed day, but I am so glad they now have some nice images of the two of them.

Val is extremely kind and supportive of Erin’s passion for horses. I got to know her during my brief stay at Maplewood, and she left a big impression on me. Erin grew up watching her parents breed, raise, and race Thoroughbreds, so her aspirations in the Oldenburg world are a product of her parents’ influence on her to breed sound, sane horses that showcase the best of their breed.