One of my good friends had to put down her beautiful mare, Wind, so I drew a portrait of her.

Windintheforest came off the track after having a successful racing career, winning over $97,000 in her 27 starts. Cassie purchased her as an eventing prospect and Wind’s athleticism and intelligence shone through instantly. They went to a few small unrated events and Cassie was so excited about how well Wind was doing.

Then Wind started showing signs of lameness, so Cassie spent countless dollars on vets and specialists and chiropractors and farriers to try and figure out what was wrong. The lameness got worse and Wind also started showing some aggressive behaviour, a sign of pain in horses. After giving it her all, Cassie chose to do the kindest thing for Wind and laid her to rest earlier in the fall.

It was a sad ending for such a promising mare but Wind was very lucky to have Cassie as her owner.



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