Rite Solutions, a software development company based out of Newport, RI, has been working to improve their brand image and collateral over the past few months. I have put together several print pieces for them, they’ve redesigned their website, and I also had the pleasure of going to their corporate offices to take some photographs for them of their products and office space.

These photographs were taken over a two hour time span. All of the “models” are actual Rite Solutions employees, which I loved. They wanted the images to do several things for them: attract new employees to their company, show off their products as they were intended to be used, and show off interaction between employees while they collaborate on projects together. I love being able to tell a story with my photographs so I was very excited about the shoot. I drew out storyboards so we didn’t miss anything, and had at my disposal about seven employees who were willing to be in the photos.

For these photos, I set up two off-camera flashes and used natural light when I could. The hallway that I photographed individual employees and the small room with the computer screens had no windows but the meeting room where I photographed the employees looking at plans had a huge window with great natural light.

Here are some of the best shots of the day:

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