I had the great pleasure of going to Lexington, MA for a newborn lifestyle session with Thiago and his parents Emily and Gabriel. Thiago was born a bit early, so Emily opted to wait until he was about 8 weeks for his newborn session. I was excited to be there because Thiago looked so healthy and happy. He is really a cute little guy! He even cooperated probably better than any other 8 week old baby and let us get some sleeping photos of him.

Here are some of my favourites from the session. Enjoy!


Thiago with Emily’s parents. They are so happy to have a Grandson!


I love this sweet image of Emily’s mom and dad holding Thiago’s tiny feet in their hands.


Thiago with Gabriel’s parents. So much love surrounds this little boy. He is destined to be special.


Gabriel wore a bracelet with Thiago’s name engraved on it around his wrist. I love little details like that!


Oh my goodness, what a smile. I got lucky with this photo! Emily already has a degree in baby whispering.


Whispering sweet nothings with lovely soft light coming through the house’s front door.


Those tiny feet get me every time.


Such beautiful eyes. They were a dreamy blue-grey colour. Thiago was very alert for most of the session.


Emily and Gabriel patiently tried to get Thiago to drift off to dreamland so we could get some classic newborn photos. He wasn’t happy about it at first but with an extra bottle and lots of rocking, he finally went to sleep!


Success! We were all fawning over his cuteness with the droopy lip and sweet little fingers.


I couldn’t get enough of him. He was so cute.


Wedding rings! This is one of those fun photos I like to get if the baby is still sleeping after I get all the other ones.


Soon he woke up and it was time for a bath in some nice warm water. He was so relaxed.


Emily’s mom helped her get Thiago all nice and cozy in a warm towel after his bath.

This was a wonderful session. I drove home to RI feeling very lucky to do what I do. I love being a part of these families, even just for an hour or so.



Great job! These pictures are so precious and showing the beginning of life of baby Thiago and his parents as well as both sets of Grandparents. This is a treasure to show the growth from infancy to whenever.

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