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Paulo and Beth | Providence, Rhode Island Wedding Photography

Paulo and Beth | Providence, Rhode Island Wedding Photography

I first met Paulo and Beth last year and after the initial wedding consultation, I really, really hoped they would hire me to shoot their wedding. Both had such lovely ways about them and seemed like they would be awesome clients. Beth was bubbly and outgoing and Paulo had a quiet confidence about him that I noticed right away.

Of course I was very excited when I found out they chose me, and we planned their engagement shoot. They were so much fun, and I just could not wait until the wedding day.

Saturday, July 2 dawned sunny and warm. It was a picture perfect July day. Blue skies stretched as far as I could see with white, fluffy clouds. I arrived at Beth’s parents house at 1pm and my second shooter, Irena, arrived at Paulo’s mom’s house around the same time.

silva preview_001_fbwm

The girls were just finishing getting Beth into her gown.

silva preview_003_fbwm

Beth’s mom helped her with a few finishing touches

silva preview_004_fbwm

silva preview_005_fbwm

Beth had six awesome Bridesmaids who were game for anything!

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Soon it was time to head over to St. Margaret’s for the ceremony! Beth’s dad drove her with her mom and her sister in the car, also.

silva preview_009_fbwm

Meanwhile, Irena was at Paul’s mom’s house as he got ready

silva preview_010_fbwm

silva preview_011_fbwm

silva preview_012_fbwm

Paulo and the guys got ready at his mom’s house, then headed over to the Church a bit early.

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silva preview_014_fbwm

silva preview_024_fbwm

Beth’s dad walked her down the aisle

silva preview_015_fbwm

St. Margaret’s is beautiful, with huge lofty ceilings and a bright interior.

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silva preview_017_fbwm

silva preview_018_fbwm

silva preview_019_fbwm

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silva preview_021_fbwm

silva preview_022_fbwm

I love Beth’s expression here: “WE DID IT!”

silva preview_023_fbwm

silva preview_025_fbwm

Once we got to the reception at Cafe Nuovo in Providence, Irena got some details of the reception space
while I tackled group shots.

silva preview_026_fbwm

silva preview_027_fbwm

The cake topper is a family heirloom. I loved it.

silva preview_028_fbwm

silva preview_029_fbwm

silva preview_030_fbwm

silva preview_031_fbwm

silva preview_033_fbwm

The whole wedding party was a ton of fun. I took them down by the river to do some portraits of
them as a group and individually.

silva preview_034_fbwm

Beth with her bridesmaids

silva preview_035_fbwm

Beth and Paulo were so happy and so in love!

silva preview_036_fbwm

What an absolutely stunning bride…

silva preview_037_fbwm

…and a very handsome groom. Beth looked at Paulo as I was taking his photo and said,
“wow he is so handsome!”. It cracked me up!

silva preview_038_fbwm

The speeches were both very moving.

silva preview_039_fbwm

Beth’s sister’s Maid of Honor speech had the whole room a bit teary-eyed.

silva preview_040_fbwm

silva preview_041_fbwm

silva preview_042_fbwm

silva preview_043_fbwm

Paulo and his mom had a beautiful Mother/Son dance

silva preview_044_fbwm

Then it was Beth’s turn with her dad. They started out slow, then the music switched to a faster song and they rocked out.

silva preview_045_fbwm

silva preview_046_fbwm

Everyone was on the dance floor having the time of their lives, especially this little guy!

silva preview_047_fbwm

I took Beth and Paulo outside for a few minutes to get some last minute low-light portraits before the sun set.

silva preview_048_fbwm

silva preview_049_fbwm

silva preview_050_fbwm

silva preview_051_fbwm

The night came to a close and Beth and Paulo headed to Boston for a couple days before embarking on their honeymoon.
Congratulations you two! Thank you for including me in your day!


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