I love, love love when my clients let me roll with some crazy idea I have. Kelly was game to do a Rock the Dress session, which is what I have decided to rename Trash the Dress sessions. After all, the dresses rarely get trashed and the photos rock. We decided on Narragansett Beach as the location, and sunset as the time. We talked at length about what she was comfortable with doing, i.e. how wet she was ok getting her dress. Luckily she was very open to the idea of getting it dirty and I knew it was going to be a ton of fun to shoot!


Kelly and her husband Wyatt got married last year and did some photos at the beach but didn’t get quite as messy as we did during their RTD session. Kelly’s dress is absolutely beautiful but she wasn’t worried about getting it a bit wet, having done lots of research about it. Wyatt thought we were both nuts but he loves his wife so he agreed to go along with our plan.


I eased them into the whole water thing by asking them just to stand at the water’s edge and hold each other’s hands, be cute, laugh, kiss, etc. Actually I didn’t tell them to do anything, they are this adorable all by themselves 🙂


It was a beautiful warm sunny evening and even with sunset fast approaching, people were still everywhere on the beach. I was able to avoid most of them in my shots and edited any stragglers out in post processing. Other than that, I just white balanced the images and fixed all my crooked horizons and that’s all I did to these portraits. I love simple edits!



Both Kelly and Wyatt had gotten warmed up and seemed to be comfortable in front of the camera so I asked Kelly to walk into the water so I could get some portraits of her. She was so much fun to work with, and was totally on board to do whatever I asked.




It had been raining earlier that day and we almost rescheduled the shoot. I scoured all the weather reports and chose to hold on to the hope that once, just once, the weather forecast was correct when it guessed that the rain would subside to partly cloudy skies, which are perfect for photography.


My little gamble paid off. The skies were a lovely creamy orange with hints of blue and pink.



At this point we had amassed quite a little audience and a few people called out “congratulations!” to Kelly and Wyatt. Kelly was so sweet and gracious, saying “thank you” each time. I can see why Wyatt loves her!






One last slow dance in the water before they added some extra sand to their outfits.



I’m pretty sure the conversation was going something like this:

W: “you owe me!”

K: “just kiss me!”



I had the time of my life on this shoot and though the dress got a bit sandy, it was totally 100% fine and went straight to the cleaners and to be preserved after this. I know Kelly had fun and I think Wyatt kind of enjoyed himself a bit too!

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