A bright red dress, snow, adventuring, and a gorgeous subject with two babies in her belly: this is the stuff us portrait photographers dream about. How lucky am I to have had the chance to do this session in North Kingstown? Have I mentioned I love my job?!

Pam’s maternity session was so much fun. I got out of my comfort zone a bit, tried some new things, and Pam was a very willing subject.

Here are some of my favourite photos!

This image is a composite of 27 images. The method is called the Brenizer Method. I’ve talked about it here before because it is a really cool, albeit time consuming process. Basically I edit the 27 individual images in Lightroom, then merge them together in Bridge using Photomerge, then edit any glitches in Photoshop, then adjust levels and curves as necessary in Photoshop, then export it out as a JPG.

It’s funny; I try very hard to minimize the need for editing in post processing by shooting the image I want in the camera (I’d much rather spend my time either out shooting or with my family than sitting on the computer!), but these Brenizer images are so cool that they are worth the extra effort. It gives the appearance of an extremely shallow depth of field AND a super wide image without the distortion.

Pam and her husband Steve are expecting twins soon and when we were talking about maternity photos, I said, “I really want to find someone who will go out in the snow in a red dress.” She said she was up for the challenge! This is a new gown I purchased for my maternity clients and Pam looked incredible in it.

Love love love.

Pam rocked this session from start to finish. She said that the pregnancy has been hard on her…I mean, growing one baby is tough enough but twins? I can only imagine how intense that is! She said about her session that she had not felt amazing in all of her pregnancy until now, which is of course music to my ears. I go through each one of my sessions hoping to show my clients how beautiful they are. We are our own toughest critics but everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful.

Pam brought an adorable tiny suitcase filled with different shawls, blankets, and this flag scarf. It was great to be able to quickly change even just small parts of her ensemble for a whole new look!

Another favourite from Pam’s maternity portrait session today in North Kingstown. Pam brought this dress from home. It’s not a maternity dress but the high waistline made it ideal for these portraits of her. Next to her flawless skin the colour looked so rich and dreamy.



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