Congratulations to my web client Clinical Partners on their new website! This site was built by me and will be managed in partnership with The Lombardi Group, whom I have been working with for about two years. The Lombardi Group specializes in marketing and advertising in print and on the radio. Working with them has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Clinical Partners chose to upgrade their old site to a clean and easy-to-use WordPress based site, with integrated contact forms and social media.

With access to over 100 physicians, Clinical Partners conducts clinical trials in Johnston, RI so that new medications can be found for various diseases. Whenever I build a site for a client, I try to put myself in the position of my client’s customers. How would I like the site to be laid out if I were the one trying to find information on it? I spent 2 years working in e-learning for a large corporate company and the study of how people find information is a very important one whenever you are dealing with the layout of a new site or any informational tool.

Click here to visit the new website: and for more information about my custom WordPress website services, click here.

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