Mindy looked absolutely beautiful today for her Saunderstown, RI Maternity Session. We’ve rescheduled her session countless times, hoping for some warm weather, and it’s beginning to look like Spring will never be here! We’re expecting more cold, snow and rain over the next two weeks so I said, ok enough is enough, and we decided to just go for it! We made it short and sweet and she looked incredible. This is one of my maternity dresses that all my maternity clients are able to use if they choose to. She rocked it!

Having been pregnant with my daughter three short years ago, I know how tough it is on your body. Growing another little human is really tough work but I believe a woman should feel beautiful at every stage of her pregnancy. I think that’s what I love most about these maternity sessions. Most of my clients go get their hair and makeup done and really treat themselves. They deserve it!!

Here are my favourite images:


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