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Contillo Family – Narragansett Beach Portrait Session

Contillo Family – Narragansett Beach Portrait Session

Since becoming a mom I have really started to develop a portrait style that’s more “play” rather than “pose”. There are a million photographers who are experts at posing and will pose you to perfection but personally I prefer the images that evoke real memories, and that’s what I try to give my clients. I want to give you images that mirror what you remember. Plus no toddler loves to be posed but every kid loves to play! Let’s be honest, the adults have way more fun also.

This session was a perfect example of what I am talking about. Colby is 3 and Callum just turned 1. They are busy little guys (especially Callum, who just started walking and does NOT appreciate being held or made to sit!). Right out of the gate while the kids were listening and not all sandy, we got a few posed images that Jenny wanted to get on canvas for their living room wall, and then I said, “ok, go have fun!”

We played for over an hour, letting the boys splash in the water, play in the sand, search for rocks, and enjoy themselves. I walked right in the water with my camera to get the right angle. My pants got soaked but I got some awesome shots! Callum made us all laugh when he sat down in the water and got soaked chin to toes, but he loved it! Dad was right there with him the whole time to make sure he was ok.

So get out there, play with your kids, and let me come photograph it for you!

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