One major perk to being a professional photographer is knowing so many talented fellow local photographers. Seriously, the talent pool in this area is crazy and I am so blessed to work with and amongst other photographic artists who are all very gifted.
One such photographer is Irena Mandel of Irena Mandel Photography. Irena has a very successful wedding and portrait photography business, and she also second shoots for me a lot. She is fun and wickedly talented behind the lens, so I was very grateful that she shot some maternity portraits for me. I brought all my client maternity dresses to the shoot and it looked like I had a tulle explosion in the back of my SUV! Then (and my maternity clients will laugh at this because they’ve all done it), I got changed into the different dresses right in the middle of a big field and the woods.
The best part, though, was getting some photos with my whole family in them. Either myself or my husband are usually behind the camera; therefore one of us is missing from the portrait. But our whole family is about to change with the addition of a new baby so I was very happy to get us all in the frame!
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