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Miller Family Adoption Day

Miller Family Adoption Day

Last Friday, it was Ali Miller Day! Just over a year ago, I photographed this adorable family’s first adoption day, dubbed Emma Miller Day, as they legally adopted their daughter Emma. This time, it was Emma’s little sister Ali’s turn. We all met at the courthouse bright and early to wait for their turn in front of the judge. The hallway outside of the courtrooms was crazy with so many people waiting for their turn. I was informed at the security desk when I checked in with my cameras that I could not take any photos in the hallway (for privacy reasons), so I had to wait until we were called into the courtroom. That was a bummer but I got the chance to hang back and watch the family chat excitedly with each other. Some people had come a long distance to be there, and it was like a mini reunion!

After about 30 minutes, we were all called into the courtroom and we took our places as the proceedings started. Ali sat with her mom and dad (and a bag of Cheerios) at the main table, and the rest of the family sat in the chairs behind them.

The adoption ceremony was really sweet; it focused on how loving and nurturing this family has been for both Ali and Emma. The social workers sang their praises and talked about how the kids both had such great opportunities and all the support they needed, and they had been fully welcomed as “family” long before the courts recognized them as such. Before long, the judge was agreeing with the recommendation of the state and declared the Millers as a legal family of 4. Ali was finally Ali Miller!

After the ceremony, we all went to their home for a brunch celebration where all of their family and friends congratulated them and made more happy memories.

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