I often talk to people I meet about my business and my job is usually summed up in something short and non-unique, like “I am a photographer” or “I started with just design but have since branched out to photography”. But in this super competitive photography market, specifically wedding photography market, there has to be something about a business to set it apart from the competition.

So I challenged myself this week to neatly sum up what my style, approach, and advice to couples as they plan their wedding day. After all, a huge part of my job is connecting with clients who are looking for portraits in my style of photography.



After sifting through galleries, websites, reviews and social media postings, how do you choose *the right* photographer for you? It starts by identifying what style of photography you like.



My style is editorial, unposed, romantic and authentic. I capture emotions in unexpected places, including laughter, tears, and most of all: love. I deliver timeless imagery that you will look back on for years, remembering that exact moment the portrait was taken. I rarely pose my clients in a formal sense, but use prompts to produce true emotions and reactions.




I photograph about 15 weddings a year, and I am involved throughout the entire process. I value my relationship with each client, and limit the number of weddings I photograph so that I can foster and grow that relationship. From your first consultation right through to the editing and delivery of images, it’s me who will be personally doing those tasks. I design all of my own albums and work with a high quality professional printer who produces beautiful heirloom albums and prints.

My clients vision always determines my approach to their wedding. When we meet, I ask lots of questions and truly listen to the answers. I know how much time and care my clients take to perfect every detail, and I work hard to photograph all of it.

I work too hard at my job not to love what I do (because if I don’t love something, I don’t do it). This means I put my heart and soul into every wedding I shoot. I connect with my clients and their families, and don’t take my responsibilities lightly.



Hiring fantastic vendors across the board is the key to any event’s success. Choose professionals who have a long history of happy clients, amazing work and most of all who love their job. Ask tons of questions, read all the reviews, and if you find a vendor you love and click with, hire them! Don’t waste time interviewing tons of people when you know in your heart who you really want to work with.




Choose a photographer you trust. There is nothing worse on your wedding day than second-guessing your vendors. I want my clients to feel comfortable telling me what they’d like, but then also give me the creative control to make it happen.

Secondly, something WILL go *not* according to plan. It’s a wedding, there are lots of moving parts and people, and you can’t control the weather. But any imperfections in your plans will make your wedding day even more unique and memorable, so try to let the little things slide and just enjoy the ride. No one will remember the little problems; instead they will remember the amazing vibe, all the fun they had, and the happiness.

Lastly, your wedding day is *yours*. Try to keep your own vision at heart and remind anyone who doesn’t agree that they can always plan their own wedding and do it their way.

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