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5th Annual Free Photos for Public Safety Families Update

5th Annual Free Photos for Public Safety Families Update

I’ve been eagerly watching the press releases and daily updates from the RI Governor with the Free Photos for Public Safety Families event in the back of my mind. As of now, I am not confident it will happen in 2020. The majority of my 2020 weddings are rescheduling to 2021 due to restrictions on attendance numbers of events. Parades, festivals, concerts, camps and other public activities are being canceled. While I think the Public Safety Photos event is quite unique and different in that people are spaced apart as each photographer works with individual families, the fact is that many people attend the event in a short period of time and the last thing I want to do is put anyone in harm’s way for the sake of a portrait.

If restrictions continue to lift as the summer progresses and it’s safe to run the event, even in a diminished capacity, I will certainly readdress it at that time with the venue and photographers’ input. For now, though, I’m putting the pause button on the whole thing. If you’ve been photographed at a past event and can do so, consider purchasing a family portrait session or gift certificate from one of the many photographers who have donated their time and talent to this event, providing hundreds of families with beautiful portraits. The names and links to the 2019 event photographers’ websites can be found here. Our businesses desperately need your support. As of May 9, 2020, photographers are once again permitted to photograph clients outdoors (in RI at least) while following social distancing regulations and we have long lenses that will allow us to photograph you while keeping plenty of distance. I am offering discounted sessions to public safety professionals so get in touch with me to schedule your session, or reach out to any of the other photographers to inquire about their availability.

Thank you for your support over the years with this event and I hope to see you in 2021.


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