Everest was incredibly special. I’ve photographed him a few times in the past and he was such a professional, so noble, and incredibly handsome. He lived a long, wonderful life and was treated like absolute royalty by his owner. This was an extra special session, though, because the following day he was laid to rest.
As a pet parent, it is a huge and very weighty responsibility to give our animals the dignity and peace they deserve at the end of their lives and Everest was so fortunate that his owner gave him that final gift on a sunny day before it was an emergency.
I was more nervous about this session than a 200 person wedding because I knew how important it was to get the images his owner wanted, and somehow capture the connection they had. I wanted to capture every detail of his frosty face, his sweet white nose, the highlights in his forelock, and his fuzzy ears. It was truly an honour to photograph him each time, but especially for this final session.

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