Are you ready to Rock the Dress? You have a few choices of what to do with your dress after your wedding, some being get it cleaned and preserved immediately and hope your daughter wears it, donate it, or sell it. All of those are great options, but I vote you have some fun with it first!

Rock the Dress sessions are a chance to get out there and get some beautiful and romantic images of you rocking that dress. There’s a reason I don’t call these sessions “Trash the Dress”: 99% of the time, the dress is good as new after a professional cleaning.

Options are endless for this fun, no-stress session. We could head to the beach and play on the sand and in the waves. Or maybe you’d prefer to frolic in a beautiful flowering field together as the wind softly sweeps your dress behind you. Maybe you would like to incorporate your animals if they didn’t get to play a part in the wedding day. Or perhaps you’d like to get really crazy and jump in a swimming pool – I’ll be underwater waiting with my camera in underwater housing! No matter what your vision is, or how “messy” you want to get, I absolutely love Rock the Dress sessions and would love to photograph it all for you! Rock the Dress sessions are fun, lighthearted, super romantic and adventurous!

Contact me today to schedule your Rock the Dress session. The sky is the limit in terms of what we can do, but I guarantee you won’t regret putting your beautiful gown back on one more time.