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dSLR Photography Classes

Learn by Doing

Are you stuck in Auto Mode? Join me for my Click! with your dSLR photography classes, and learn how to have total creative control over your images. I've developed this class over the last ten years and have successfully taught many people to not only understand how to use their camera, but enjoy photography.

Periodically throughout the winter and early Spring, I teach 4 week photography Click! with your dSLR photography classes out of my home in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Each class is limited to 5 participants, and we meet weekly for 2 hours each week. The classes are geared towards photography enthusiasts who have a dSLR but shoot on Auto or one of the priority modes. I focus on teaching how to control your settings to get the photographs you really want in Manual mode.

Each class session is two hours, and I’ve designed the course to cater towards both book learners and those who learn better hands-on. The first hour of each class is spent inside, and I go through the curriculum, using visual aids and demonstrating each concept. Then we go outside as weather permits for the second hour of each class. The participants all shoot with their own cameras and I explain how I shoot and my thought process when I am composing an image or posing a subject.

Typically on the last day of the photography classes, we have a mock portrait session, where we’ll discuss posing for all body types, creating meaningful images, and shooting in different lighting situations. Alternatively, I give the option of a night photography class where we’ll practice long exposures, plus working with tripods and remote shutters.


While the class is best experienced with a dSLR, people with a compact camera are welcome to participate in my Click! with your dSLR photography classes, as long as the camera has manual settings on it.

The cost is $200 per person for all four classes and payment in full is required to reserve your spot in a class. Gift Certificates are available at no extra cost.

Please visit the Events listings over at my Facebook page for up-to-date listings of any upcoming classes. If you are part of a group of at least four people interested in photography and would like to schedule a full private course, please contact me. I can customize the curriculum to suit your group’s experience level and interests. I offer discounted rates to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H. I also have limited availability for private lessons, which are $45/hr/person, with a two hour minimum.


Next class will be February 2024. Click here to sign up.

Topics we will cover:

  • camera care and cleaning
  • how to critique an image
  • composition
  • focus modes and focus points
  • ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings
  • aperture and shutter speed priority modes
  • manual mode
  • posing subjects
  • basic editing in Lightroom and Photoshop

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If you're interested in joining a class, please reach out. I need at least four people to run a class and I'm happy to schedule one just for your group if you have enough participants.
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