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Randi and Doc | Wakefield, RI Equine Portrait Session

Randi and Doc | Wakefield, RI Equine Portrait Session

I recently photographed Randi and her horse Doc at a private farm in Wakefield, RI. Randi is a successful equestrian and is studying to be a vet at The University of Tennessee. I was so excited for this session because I was working with the trifecta of success: beautiful subjects, a beautiful setting, and perfect weather conditions. It was slightly overcast and the light was soft. Doc was gleaming and in great spirits, minus having to deal with those pesky late summer bugs! Randi of course looked like she stepped right off the runway!

Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time around horses knows they have personalities, preferences and are all so unique. Doc is a big handsome hunk of a guy with a super sweet temperament. He was so patient despite the bugs being horrible and immune to the generous coat of bug spray Randi applied. Randi has brought him a long way and it was so lovely to photograph the two of them before she went back to school in Tennessee for the year.

I could tell Doc wears his heart on his sleeve. He was so expressive all through the session. Some horses are wildly unimpressed with everything, and Doc was like, oh hey! hi! what’s going on? wanna be my friend? oo another horse! AHH a bug! oh hey, you’re still here!”

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