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Baby Charlie’s Birth | Newport Hospital

Baby Charlie’s Birth | Newport Hospital

I’ve been present for many births as a birth photographer, and had two of my own babies. One constant rings true: babies don’t follow any rules!

I was hired by this family a couple months ago to photograph their first baby’s birth, and C went into labour on July 15th. After a very difficult labour the decision was made to deliver by c-section. Little Charlie was born a few minutes later and he and mom were both healthy! I was very lucky to be able to go into the OR with her to photograph Charlie’s birth.

This is the second time I have photographed a c-section at Newport Hospital and I really need to say that the team there is outstanding. They are warm, caring, knowledgeable, and on the ball. When it was go time, they worked together seamlessly. Talking to little Charlie’s dad later on in the evening, I compared it to a fast car that can cruise along when things are relaxed, but has the potential to go whenever you need it to. When they put their foot on the gas, things happened quickly, and they happened smoothly. It was pretty incredible to witness.

Dad was so attentive, even applying deoderant for C as she laboured! What a guy.

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