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Jazmyn | Adoption Day

Jazmyn | Adoption Day

After 2,189 days in foster care, Jazmyn’s future with her incredible mom Tammy is secure. Not one person was dry-eyed during Jazmyn’s adoption finalization at the New Bedford Juvenile Courthouse as the judge declared her adoption official. Jazmyn even got to hit the gavel! Her smile said it all – she was thrilled and so were all of the family members who came to celebrate with Tammy and her daughter.

I can’t help but muse about how lucky I am to have this job. To be a part of this day, even as a fly on the wall taking photos, was a truly moving experience. My clients trust me with the biggest moments of their lives and I am so grateful and feel so lucky to call this “work”.

Congratulations to Tammy, Jazmyn and their entire family. It was truly a pleasure to meet everyone and be a witness to such a monumental day.

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