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Desi | Matunuck State Beach

Desi | Matunuck State Beach

I got a call from Desi’s mom one evening because she knew Desi didn’t have much time left, and really wanted to have her photographed at a much beloved beach where they have spent many happy days together. Unfortunately the weather that particular week really was not cooperating, but we did get a sunny break in the gloom and I was able to photograph the session.

We started out on Matunuck State Beach, exploring the sand dunes and playing games with Desi (with lots of treats!). She was suffering from a cancerous tumor in her mouth but had recently been put on Prednisone, so she was feeling pretty peppy on this day. She loved getting so much attention and tons of treats, and of course it helped that we were at her happy place!

The beach pavilion offered some nice leading lines to use in the portraits, along with some open shade. Then we hopped in our cars and headed over to a local dock for some backlit golden hour portraits there (some of my favourite from the whole session). Desi was a champ through all of it, just taking it all in and feeling happy to hang out with her mom and dad.

To wrap up the session, we made our way back to Matunuck State Beach for the sunset. It was really a perfect evening and I am so glad I was able to get the portraits for Desi’s family.

Not long after, Desi’s mom let me know that she had peacefully passed away. I know she will be so, so missed. She was a special girl.

As the owner of three dogs I love very, very much, these sessions with older dogs who are nearing the final chapter of their lives are as wonderful as they are sad for me. Wonderful because obviously these pets make a tremendous impact on our lives. We refer to them as our children, love them as if they were human, take better care of them than we do ourselves, and miss them terribly when they’re gone. Sad because I know this will probably soon be us; our beautiful girl Cairo is getting quite up there in age and slowing down. But even when she’s gone, all those years of happy memories will last a lifetime.


  • Mary G
    May 17, 2022

    Hi Kate,
    I just had the pleasure of seeing our photos on your website. We are again so grateful to have worked with you. Not only did you take the most beautiful pictures, your words as you shared our story, especially about sweet Desi, were beyond touching, to read (and re-read). Your attention to detail, kindness, sensitivity and natural talent behind the camera is so impressive. You accomplished exactly what I needed at such a difficult time and I’m very thankful. We appreciate all you have given us and look forward to connecting with you in the near future. Many, many thanks!


  • Marie D
    May 17, 2022

    What wonderful photos!! Although they brought tears I’ve never seen such memorable, awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing!!

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