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Lauren and Dan | New Hope, PA Wedding Photography

Lauren and Dan | New Hope, PA Wedding Photography

After spending the last two wedding seasons up here in New England, I was really looking forward to traveling to the quaint and historical little town of New Hope, PA for Lauren and Dan’s wedding¬† in September.

Ceremony and Reception: Pineapple Hill Inn B&B
Hair and Makeup Artist: Pure Skin Makeup and Skincare Studio
Dress: Justin Alexander
Flowers: Supplied by Flourish of East Earl, and arranged by the Bride
Caterer: Joey D’s of MetuchenCake: Custom Cakes by Adele, LLC

One of the greatest things about this particular wedding…well, actually, there were actually *two* greatest things:

  • They did a first look. This takes so much pressure off the timeline for photographs after the ceremony, plus the couple is always so much more relaxed going into the ceremony. I love first looks! No, it’s not traditional but the images are always so cute and we can get the formals all finished before they say “I do”.
  • They left right before the ceremony to go see the Budweiser Clydesdales! It was the COOLEST thing ever. Lauren and I met originally through our mutual love of horses so when she told me that the Clydesdales were going to be in New Hope that very same day, I said let’s do everything we can to make it work! Don’t get me wrong, it was totally crazy and we may or may not have had to literally run through the streets of New Hope to be in the right spot at the right time but it was so worth it.

They had an amazing rendezvous with the Budweiser Clydesdales, and it was not by chance. Lauren had done a ton of work ahead of time to coordinate with the organizers and get special permission. Funny story about these Clydesdales. We knew they were coming and we had a general idea of the timeline. They were making something like ten stops this day and each stop was only a few minutes long. We knew if we were going to make it, we’d have very little wiggle room. Luckily my trusty husband was there and agreed to go wait in Downtown New Hope so that he could give us the minute-by-minute updates. We never would have made it without his help, or the DJ’s chauffeur services. She drove us as close as she could to where the horses were, then circled around the block (there was no parking! told was very tricky!) while we got the shots, then picked us up at the end.




  • Lauren
    November 22, 2016

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! What an amazing time and wonderful memories ?

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