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Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light Portraits

I recently invested in a small backdrop setup with stands, the backdrop and fabric clips. I get beautiful natural light in the afternoon through my back door and I’ve used the setup for a couple of headshot clients, plus some portraits of my daughter and dogs. I really like taking these natural light portraits. They are a nice break from lugging all of my gear out into a field or wherever I am shooting. I don’t mind carrying everything, but it is super convenient when it is all laid out nicely on my kitchen counter and I can just grab whatever I need without worrying that I may drop a lense in the dirt!

I let my daughter pick out which outfit she’d like to wear and it’s never a big surprise: it’s always the most fluffy, poofy dress she has in her closet. I also usually try to make her hair look somewhat presentable, differing from its usual all-over-the-place look. Sometimes I am more successful than others.

Her hair was perfect 10 minutes before this photo was taken. But while I was setting up the backdrop, she did some forward rolls and some dancing and some toddlering and her hair was no longer perfect.

Confession: I love it anyway.

Her personality barely fits in that little 29lb frame. I love it! She is so fresh and such an individual, which can be challenging but in the long run I want to raise her to be a strong woman.

The dogs were patiently waiting for their portraits. They are both quite photogenic though our Ridgeback listens about a million times better than our little black dog.


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