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Hannah at Work

Hannah at Work

My family owns a house flipping business and we are currently working on a local project house. It is nearing completion and I have taken Hannah up to visit my husband and father in law while they are working on the house. She loves to go to work with Daddy and Grandpa and I thought it was a great opportunity to get some photographs of Hannah at work in all her toddler glory.

She fancies herself as quite the professional, but enjoys the demo side of things the most. My father in law was up this weekend helping with the house and Hannah absolutely idolizes him. He showed her how to mix grout, hammer, and hide in the kitchen cabinets; all very important life skills.

I think it’s important for kids to be outside, active and try new things so this house flipping business has been a fun opportunity for Hannah to experience things that most two year old’s don’t get to try out. She’s already developing a curiosity for how things work and how to fix/build things.

The kitchen of this particular house gets the most amazing light in the middle of the day. It’s funny; for outdoor portraits I strictly schedule in the afternoons to get the “best light” but if I am shooting indoors, like in the case of a lifestyle session, then I love to go in the middle of the day. That light streaming through the windows is beautiful.

With a granola bar in one hand and a screwdriver in the other, the world is at your fingertips. Also check out the adorable outfit that my sister in law got her for Christmas.

First things first: figure out what the heck this thing is and how it works. Watching Hannah at work, learning about all this stuff, really made me smile. She was very serious about her job.

Don’t forget about the trailer, which has since been organized and cleaned up but on this particular day it was a treasure trove of all sorts of magical things.

She loves hammering things, especially objects that do not need to be hammered. Good thing the guys had this rubber mallet on hand; that way she didn’t do any damage to the deck, which is in perfect working order.

Still hammering. I loved this perspective through the fence posts.

Yes I think that cardboard box for the new door frame looks like it needs a bit of fixing! I love how dainty she is about everything she does. She’s the perfect mix of girly girl and get-it-done girl.

Aaaaaand this is the point where I said, ok, enough with the hammering. I don’t think she could have broken a fence post but she regularly does things that I didn’t think she was capable of so I didn’t want to find out just how strong she’s gotten by flinging things around my house lately.

This was a beautiful sunny day, despite the snow on the ground. We had about a week of gorgeous 60-70 degree weather here in Rhode Island. The snow didn’t stick around for long!

Then it was time to help Grandpa mix some grout. There is a bit of a science to mixing the correct amount of grout with the correct amount of water. If the ratio is off, then the grout is either too soupy or too firm, and neither make for easy tiling. So first they had to figure out the measurements they wanted.

My husband was over in the corner saying, “just dump a bunch of grout in and then dump some water in, and if it’s not the right texture then fix it from there!”. As I said, very scientific.

Ultimately, though, that’s what they chose to do and the grout turned out to be the perfect consistency. I guess when you do something a hundred times, you get a good feeling for how much of each ingredient you need.


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