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Magic Hour Portraits | Baby Sean | Hasbro Hospital

Magic Hour Portraits | Baby Sean | Hasbro Hospital

The Magic Hour Foundation is a non-profit organization that connects photographers with families affected by cancer for free portrait sessions. I was contacted by them to meet up with a family at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Hannah’s little boy Sean was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months prior and they had been at Hasbro ever since.

I arrived at the hospital for the session and first saw all sorts of signs about washing hands, wearing a mask if sick, etc. I had disinfected my cameras and lenses prior to going to the hospital but I spent a few minutes scrubbing my hands really well before entering Sean’s room.

His tiny room was filled with toys, and Sean’s mom Hannah was there, along with his dad and his grandma. I photographed them all holding Sean and playing with him. Sean was having a good day that day and was so adorable! Even through all the medical testing and treatment, he maintained his sweet, sunny disposition. His mom stays in the hospital with him every night and every day, never leaving his side. 

These sessions are hard, of course, but nothing like what the family has to endure through treatment. It was a true gift to meet little Sean and his family. I went home feeling grateful for my kids’ health and have stayed in touch with Hannah to get all the updates about Sean’s treatment ever since.

You can check out his Facebook page here.

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