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2019 Free Photos for Public Safety Families

2019 Free Photos for Public Safety Families

On July 17, 2019, I hosted the 4th Annual Free Photos for Public Safety Families event at Goddard Park in Warwick, RI. Over 500 people signed up and it was a great event! Thanks to the help of some of the best portrait photographers in the area, we smoothly and systematically worked through the family groups, despite the heat. This event is a huge undertaking every year in terms of planning, but over the years I have learned to automate as much as possible in the planning stages so that the event goes smoothly. The weather threatened to deteriorate all day but we still pulled it off, and got everything packed up and put away before any rain fell!

Thank you to the following photographers, all of whom are extremely busy this time of year, and some of whom traveled quite a distance to volunteer:

Piper Brown Photography – Morayo
Classic Beauty Photography – Stephanie
Massart Photography – Audrey and Seth
Teresa Sweet Photography – Teresa
Ashley Richer Photography – Ashley
Bright Lights Imagery – Kayla
SMC Studios – Sherimae
Erica Pezente Photography – Erica
Laura Fontaine Photography – Laura
Belle & Bean Photography – Christy

Here are some of the portraits I took:

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