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Denise + Ed | Spirit of Ethan Allen Wedding | Burlington, VT

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Denise + Ed | Spirit of Ethan Allen Wedding | Burlington, VT

I LOVE a good adventure and Denise and Ed’s wedding was nothing short of it! They invited me up to Burlington, VT to capture their unique wedding aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen, a boat based out of Burlington, VT. Being a Rhode Islander, I’ve had my fair share of events on boats, but Burlington is such a cool city and I loved all the locations we shot at!

A wedding on a boat presents tons of challenges, mainly how to shoot in such a tight space. Denise and Ed had a church ceremony, then scheduled plenty of time for portraits and a cocktail hour at a nearby hotel. After that, we all boarded the boat. This meant that I was able to give them lots of varied portraits in and around Burlington’s waterfront before boarding time. If you’re looking at having a wedding on a boat, I highly recommend that you schedule at least some time before boarding for portraits! And if you’re planning a Spirit of Ethan Allen wedding, keep me in mind for wedding photography because I’d love to go back to Burlington!

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