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Why albums are my favourite way to print images

Why albums are my favourite way to print images

You got your link to your gallery of beautiful, vibrant wedding photos, excitedly downloaded all of them, shared a bunch on social media, and made one of them your phone background….but now what?

To truly do your wedding portraits justice, print them.

Hang them on your walls, gift them to your family, or consider my favourite: a custom designed, handmade wedding album.

Albums are the ultimate form of preserving those wonderful memories in an heirloom hardcover book. Wrapped in the material and colour of your choice, your wedding album perfectly recounts the story of your wedding day. With up to 50 spreads (100 pages), albums have that wow factor that digital images just will never possess!

I design my clients albums using specialty software that helps build layouts with perfect spacing and a beautiful flow. I like to alternate spreads that have multiple images per page, and then add spreads with a hero image, which is one that spans the full width of the space.

Albums are printed on acid free double thickness pages that will stand the test of time. As a mother, I can tell you my children get so much joy from looking at the album full of photos from their mom and dad’s wedding day, which feels like a lifetime ago but was the start of this sweet little family we’ve built.

Some of my wedding photography packages include albums, but clients can always add an a la carte album onto their package, or order duplicates for their parents. I am so happy to be able to offer this service to my clients!

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