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Owen and Lynn | Rhode Island Pet Photography

Owen and Lynn | Rhode Island Pet Photography

Lynn won a gift certificate that I donated to the RISPCA for one of their fundraisers and she wanted to get some portraits of her with her dog, Owen. She adopted Owen from the RISPCA a few years ago and absolutely adores him. I am a dog lover and get pretty excited when my photo sessions involve any type of animal, but I won’t lie to you: I just about melted when I saw Owen’s sweet little face peering out of Lynn’s car at me. He had the fluffiest little ears I’ve ever seen and I could instantly tell he was a very refined little guy.


The ears. Oh my gosh, the ears.

We met at Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI, and I got a variety of portraits of the two of them together and separate. Owen isn’t totally reliable off-leash but I never mind editing leashes out. I am always happy to photograph a safe, leashed pup! Owen listened to Lynn so well, which made my job very enjoyable.


The bandana was pretty adorable too.

I always bring treats and a squeaky toy to sessions with dogs (ok, and kids too), but I really didn’t need them for Owen. He always seemed to know when to look at the camera, and when to look wistfully at the horizon. He cracked me up!


I just wanted to snuggle him!


I loved the colours Lynn chose to wear. They were perfect for a session by the water! She looked beautiful.


Lynn told me she’s so happy she found Owen at the RISPCA but looking at him, I think he knows he’s got it pretty good, too 😉


So sweet.


I adore the rocks at Beavertail. They are worth the work to get down to the bottom.


It was very overcast when we got there initially, but it started to clear up towards the end of the session. Thanks, Mother Nature!


He may be the most photogenic dog I’ve ever met!


Surveying his kingdom 🙂


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