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Paige and Erik | Rhode Island Portrait Photography

Paige and Erik | Rhode Island Portrait Photography

I love getting out there and trying new things, and after my portrait session with Paige and Erik, I feel so excited for the summer sessions I have coming up. We were pretty ambitious and stopped at four locations for this session. Two I’ve never shot at, one I’ve never been to, and one posed a huge hurdle for me to overcome that I wasn’t expecting. Thus, it was good practice going with the flow and making the best out of any situation!

We started out at Ryan Park:






Then we continued onto Wilson Park, which wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped but we still got out and took a few shots:



Next, we stopped at Smith’s Castle just north of Wickford, which also was not as great as I had hoped. Someone had told me they had a beautiful garden but after my recent session at the URI Kinney Azalea Gardens, not much compares to that! This is why I try out these new locations during modeling calls!


Erik had had enough at that point, so we dropped him off and ventured down to Jamestown to wrap the session up at Beavertail State Park, right out on the rocks:


This was the part that threw me the biggest wrench. It had been bright and sunny leading up to this point in the day, but as we drove across the bridge to Jamestown, the fog appeared and got denser and denser! By the time we got to Beavertail, I could hardly see where I was driving. We’re both pretty determined, though, and Paige is a real trooper, so we decided to go for it despite the fog.


Boy am I glad we went for it!


I made Paige’s floral crown by hand. I was so happy with how it came out!


Paige looking like a mermaid


Isn’t she gorgeous!?




Last shot of the day!


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