Sweet Callum, whose birth I photographed just over two weeks ago, had his newborn portrait session this week. He is soooooo cute and slept very nicely while I clicked away (thanks buddy!) ūüôā I do in-home lifestyle newborn photography sessions, and believe it or not, I took these photographs while he was snoozing away on his parents’ kitchen table. I used the window light from a beautiful large window they have, and a bit of flash to fill in the other side of his face. For in-home lifestyle sessions, I go where the light is best, even if it’s a bit unconventional!

rhode island newborn photography

Newborn photography sessions can sometimes be tricky because the baby has to be content and quiet, and as a mom I know that can be difficult to achieve when they are feeling fussy, tired or hungry! I always build in lots of time to make sure that I don’t have to rush mom or baby through anything. Callum was wide awake for a while, then had to be fed, then had to be changed and finally we got him sleepy and happy enough for some classic newborn images.

Callum’s parents are very close friends of mine and it was so sweet to see him be born, along with photographing him as a brand new baby. I even photographed his mom, dad and big brother over the summer when I did their maternity session at Ryan Park. If he’s anything like his big brother Colby, his life will be well documented by “Auntie Kate”!

See Callum’s mom and dad’s maternity session here.

See Callum’s birth images here.

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